About - Nadya Bratt - Interactive Design Director


The SHORT story

Tacos eaten: 0

Strength: thrives under pressure

Weakness: easily bored

Pro: real human

Con: afraid of chickens

Random fact: speaks 4 languages


the long story

I've always been fascinated by how and why things work and I approach my work with the same curiosity and desire to explore. I gravitate towards bold aesthetics rooted in functional pragmatism and aim to infuse delight in each interaction.

I bring a common-sense approach to big ideas and my work philosophy is to learn by doing, challenge myself, and discover solutions together with my clients. I love taking the first step and I tend to seek out projects and situations where there is no beaten path.

I thrive in environments where I can produce with a team of highly competent people who don't slow down my ideas and share my belief that good enough is never good enough.