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I'm Nadya Bratt, a Creative Director specialized in creative strategy, product, and interaction design.

I’ve spent a decade helping executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of companies like Spotify, Cheetos, Facebook, Adobe, Prada, and Versace grow their brands and craft engaging experiences for their audiences. I’ve led the design and implementation of interactive modular systems, digital products and applications, immersive web experiences, re-brands, and ad campaigns.

I'm a methodical, strategic leader who is well-acclimated to complexity and ambiguity. I’m adaptable and highly skilled at taking large, complex problems and defining a clear vision and approach for my team. I also love a good challenge and I tend to seek out projects and situations where there is no beaten path.


Favorite past projects

Data viz marketing tool

Impossible Bureau
Wind and words

Project management software UX

Adobe Experience Cloud

Impossible Bureau

Current projects

Visual poetry (working title)
I’m in the process of wrapping up and publishing a visual poetry book

Rage truck
An interactive art installation

Noise podcast
Helping some good friends with a podcast about creativity and business

Helping a quality management software company improve their existing product

Helping Adobe reinvent and refresh Adobe Document Cloud


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