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I'm a Creative Director specialized in creating cohesive experiences between marketing, brand, and product.

With 10 years of experience in marketing and communications, I have worked at award-winning agencies on a variety of fortune 500 brands such as Adobe, Spotify, Cheetos, Starbucks, and Jack in the Box.

I’m as comfortable managing a team of creatives as taking on a creative brief and executing work with budgets ranging from $70k to $3million. I’ve led the design and implementation of interactive modular systems, digital products, immersive web experiences, re-brands, and ad campaigns. Experienced with presenting work to C-suite executives and other major stakeholders.

I love a good challenge and enjoy navigating ambiguity and uncertainty to explore and test solutions.


Favorite past projects

Data viz marketing tool

Impossible Bureau
Wind and words

Project management software UX

Adobe Experience Cloud

Impossible Bureau

Current projects

Visual poetry (working title)
Wrapping up and publishing a visual poetry book

Rage truck
An interactive art installation

Noise podcast
Helping my good friends at Noise — a podcast on creativity and business

Helping a quality management software company create a cohesive experience between brand and product

Helping Adobe with a refresh of Adobe Document Cloud


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