About - Nadya Bratt - Interactive Design Director


The SHORT story

Tacos eaten: 0

Countries lived in: 3

Best strength: thrive under pressure

Worst weakness: easily bored

Biggest fear: chickens

Black shirts owned: 28

Random fact: competitive chess player


the long story

I was the kid who asked too many questions and spent too much time reading and daydreaming. I've always been fascinated with how things work and driven by a strong desire to learn and explore uncommon solutions.

In my work, I'm a practical explorer who brings a common-sense approach to big ideas. My diverse experience and ability to simplify complexity allow me to visualize unique solutions and the steps required to bring them to life. I'm always thinking about how to move forward and find better solutions. I'm highly resourceful and tend to seek out projects and situations where there is no beaten path. I love taking the first step.

I thrive in environments where I can produce with a team of highly competent people who don't slow down my ideas and share my belief that good enough is never good enough. I create beautiful, result-driven and custom-tailored solutions that align with my clients' goals. I embrace and enjoy all areas of creative problem-solving: Visual Design, UX, Content Architecture, Strategy, you name it.